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vertical pipeline pump for the vertical structure, import and export caliber the same, and located in the same center line, like the valve can be installed in t
centrifugal pump refers to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller to transport the liquid pump. The centrifugal pump is a kind of water
deep well hot water submersible pump work conditions are mostly above 40 ℃ water temperature, high temperature technical requirements for water lifting equipme
deep well submersible pumps are widely used in mines, construction facilities, agriculture, industry, urban and rural residents cited water supply and other fie
multistage submersible pump unit consists of: water pump, submersible motor (including cable), water pipe and control switch four major components.The submersib
large submersible sea pump is mainly used for water works, hydropower stations (maintenance, leakage pumps, etc.), thermal power plants (industrial, life, fire
Mud pump suction operation, the pump should be vertical placement, the pump shell should be all buried in mud; if used for pumping mud, should remove the pump cover at the inlet of the filter cover.
In rural areas, agricultural mud pump is mainly used for pumping mud, mud, water conservancy is power machinery and aquaculture.
Modern high pressure boiler feed pump high internal pressure and water flow rate, so that the neutral water supply has great erosion and corrosion. The high-speed flow of the impeller blades and guide vanes and the pump body material protective film or fi
The modern high pressure boiler feed pump is a kind of complex equipment with high parameter and large capacity. It is the medium of high pressure near the saturation temperature of the water, often required to be able to adapt to a wide range of changes
High reliability requirements. Due to the large ammonia plant and urea plant of the five centrifugal compressor units are all stand-alone operation, any outage will cause the whole plant to stop production, it is necessary to ensure the normal supply of s
High pressure boiler feed water pump is medium flow, high lift, high power centrifugal pump, in order to improve the efficiency of the pump, should choose a multi-stage centrifugal pump, and choose a high speed.
Water pump bearing rolling bearing repair :
The average life of rolling bearings in 5000h or so, if used for too long or improper installation and maintenance, will make the bearing failure.
Straight through lift type check valve should be installed in horizontal pipe, vertical lift check valve and bottom valve is usually installed in a vertical pipe on the road, and the bottom-up flow of media.
Check the multi-stage centrifugal pump pipeline and the combination of loose. Rotation of the multistage centrifugal pump with the hand, look at the multistage centrifugal pump is flexible.
1. The greater the amount of spring compression seal effect better?
In fact, excessive compression spring can lead to rapid wear friction, instant burning, excessive compression spring lose their ability to adjust ring face, resulting in seal failure.
1. Pump series is odd, the head of the double suction impeller, the other level of symmetry.
2. The balance hole method of unilateral intake pump, balance hole is arranged in the impeller after wheel, impeller entrance pressure water through a gap to en
The size of both sides of the impeller cover. The pressure distribution of the two sides of the cover plate is also different, so that an axial thrust opposite to the flow direction of the impeller inlet is generated.
To ensure that the medium contains the largest particles will not be greater than the maximum safety of the pump through the particle diameter specification.
When the mud pump problems, do not worry, not to do not know how to open the machine in case of their own repair, should find a dedicated maintenance personnel, most cases are responsible for the maintenance and repair of machinery.
The drainage system in the building can be divided into two types: the shunt system and the combined system. Diversion and drainage is the living building and public buildings in
Leakage problem of submersible mud pump. Submersible slurry pump is characterized by a pump, and not into the water
Multistage pump is generally used to balance the disc and the impeller of the symmetrical installation, a single pump is generally on the impeller balance hole, of course, in the impeller wheel mounted on the balance of the way to balance the axial force.
And the middle and low pressure fire pump is different, high and low pressure fire pump can usually be a separate output of low pressure or high pressure, can also be used in conjunction with high and low pressure
Before installing the pump, please carefully calculate the installation height, preferably with at least o.3m of the height of the margin, the installation height should be lower than the calculated value.
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