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Some mistakes in maintenance of mechanical seal of centrifugal pipeline pump

Centrifugal  pipeline pump

1. The greater the amount of spring compression seal effect better? 

 In fact, excessive compression spring can lead to rapid wear friction, instant burning, excessive compression spring lose their ability to adjust ring face, resulting in seal failure. 

 2. The dynamic ring seal the tighter the better? 

 In fact, dynamic tight ring seals harmful. One is the increased wear, sealing ring and sleeve premature leakage; two is to increase the dynamic axial adjustment of the resistance movement, the frequent changes in working conditions can not adjust; thirty spring fatigue damage; four ring seal is dynamic deformation, the impact of sealing effect. 

 3. Static ring sealing ring as tight as possible? 

 Static seal ring is basically in a static state, the relatively tight sealing effect will be better, but too tight is harmful. First, the static ring seal due to excessive deformation, the impact of the sealing effect; two is the static ring material to the majority of graphite, generally more brittle, excessive stress easily lead to fragmentation; the three is difficult to install and disassemble, easy to damage the static ring. 

 4. The closer the impeller nut better? 

 The mechanical seal leakage, leakage between the sleeve and the shaft is relatively common. Generally, axial impeller leakage is not the lock master lock, in fact lead to shaft leakage among many factors, such as axial pad failure, migration, axis there are impurities, shaft and sleeve with a larger form bit error, contact surface damage, shaft gap between the parts, the first thread too long will cause the shaft leakage. Lock nut lock will only lead to excessive axial pad between premature failure, on the contrary a moderate locked mother, so that axis pad compression always maintain a certain flexibility in the operation of the lock master will automatically lock the right time, so that the shaft is always in good sealed state

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