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Submersible pumps have several applications ranging from drainage to sewage pumping, slurry pumping and general industrial pumping.
Multistage deep well pump used for borehole
The problem and fix of motor winding burn
The problem of deep well pump severe vibration
The problem of motor of deep well pump will not operate and with sound
Motor winding insulation resistance to ground less than 0.5 megohm tropical
Large current swing the ammeter pointer
Intermittent water or no water or less water
Our company requires the user to meet or exceed all the safety standards as described below the equipment and precautions should be fitted and taken respectively
After the submersible pump is well installed, recheck each and every step. If no problem is found, then it is ok to start the pump to perform a test.
If in the event that the pump gets stuck whilst submerging, turn or move the water pipe to overcome the point of contact. If this problem cannot be solved; do not hoist or lower the pump forcibly; this will avoid damaging the pump and or the well
1.A Submersible electric pump with a head below 30m can use a hose, and can be hoisted directly into the well using the steel wire rope or other lifting rope (manila etc.) that can bear the whole weight of the pump body, the water pipe and the water in it
For the pumps, our testing center test each pump’s voltage, current, power, flow, pressure, head, and rotation speed, to ensure every pump’s high quality.
Six series of submersible pump:
100QJ deep well pump
150QJ deep well pump
175QJ deep well pump
200QJ deep well pump
250QJ deep well pump
300QJ deep well pump
Select model of deep well pump. The select need by flow,head and meduim of delivery.
Relationship of pump lift and length of lifting pipe
When selecting pump lift, user should note that pump lift should be close to actual demand. If pump lift is lower much more than actual demand, it will lead water flow quantity to reduce, pump work ef
380 V bias voltage does not exceed + -5% and 50 HZ frequency, and the deviation is not more than + -1% of the three-phase power supply.
QJ Submersible pumps Parameters:
Flow range10~500m3/h, Lift scope within 5~405m;
Caliber scope 32~203mm, Temperature range-15~80° C.
Cables of submersible pump are designed for used under water.
Submersible pumps are used in many applications. Applications for submersible pumps include sewage treatment plants, seawater handling, fire fighting (since it is flame retardant cable), water well and deep well drilling, offshore drilling rigs, artificia
The submersible pump's installation are multistage centrifugal vertical submersible pumps .
How to calculate pump efficiency? The effective power of pump can be calculate according flow, head and medium. Calculate shaft power need efficiency.
The clean water centrifugal pump were open for distribution of water and Physics,Chemical substances similar to those of liquid water. The series pump widely used to industry,agriculture,city drainage and fire water etc.
Oil immersed submersible pump leakage. There are two possibilities: one is due to the sealing box wear, resulting in serious leakage of sealing oil box chamber; the second is the cable oil or repair after cable substandard, causing bad sealing and leakage