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1.Check the foundation precausions, should meet the requirements; check the anchor bolts should be tightened in place; the two are looking for precision to meet the requirements.
2.The motor of the steering, should be consistent with the direction of ro
The function of the pump suction chamber is to lead the liquid in the water inlet pipe to the impeller evenly. There are three common forms of inhalation:
1.Suction chamber of conical pipe
2.Annular suction chamber
3.Half spiral suction chamber
Inlet flow channel and wet pit, dry pit installation :

Axial flow pump (especially large pump) very strict requirements on the type and size of the inlet conduit, it directly affects the performance of the pump (such as pump efficiency, cavitation perf
Vertical axial flow pump belongs to the vane pump, this pump has high flow, low lift, high speed, high efficiency, small footprint, performance parameter variability, and is suitable for low water conditions etc.. Therefore, often become the pump type agr
1.Static pressure method:
This method is based on the need of pressing force on the hub axle assembly of different sizes, with clamp, Jack, a manual or mechanical press, static pressure method is usually used in the conical shaft hole. Due to the s
1.As far as possible to shorten the pipeline.
2.Without the "gun" type outlet. Because of this increase in energy delivery. At the same time to make the water outlet of the water pool is.
3.As far as possible to increase the outlet pipe diameter.
The foundation excavation in the construction of the city, and auxiliary buried underground pipes, underground water is the first problem to be solved, and the key to solve the problem is to use the pump can easily be extracted from the ground water and s
In the application of the booster pump system, the ordinary submersible electric pump is installed in the vertical vessel. In this application, the booster pump system can be used in the water injection, fluid transport, corrosion of liquid handling and d
For the classification of corrosion, there are two classification methods, one is based on the mechanism of corrosion classification, and the other is based on the causes of corrosion and image classification. According to the mechanism of corrosion, the
1.When the safety valve is arranged on the outlet pipe of the shut-off valve, should use a single gate valve, and lead Fengkai, valve should be installed horizontally, in order to avoid corrosion or loosening of the stem and the valve pin plate connection
Pump system noise is transmitted through two main ways, that is, through the spread of airborne noise through the air and through the floor walls and ceiling spread of structural noise.
Noise pump system adopting some measures although decreased, but th
Submersible pump can be placed under the water, the centrifugal pump on the ground. Here is a look at the difference between the two.
Submersible pump is a very wide range of water treatment tools. The difference is that it works in the water, while the
Multi-stage pump is a centrifugal pump, is to rely on the rotation of the impeller in the acquisition of centrifugal force. When the gas density reaches the working range of the mechanical vacuum pump, the vacuum pump is drawn out.
The use and maintenance of the motor is often ignored, a motor can play the maximum economic benefits, to extend the service life, the correct use and routine maintenance is a key issue.
1.Mechanical failure of the pump itself. Impeller and pump shaft fastening nut loose or pump shaft deformation and bending, resulting in multi impeller, direct friction with the pump body, or bearing damage, it is possible to reduce the pump speed.
1.The pump after the closure, to put the water left in the water pump and a pipeline, and the external soil clean, lest the frozen water in the ice after the pump body and a water pipe burst.
2.At the end of the pump, cast iron pipe and other parts, sho
Quality products from excellent design, but also depends on the reliable guarantee of excellent manufacturing, and excellent manufacturing depends on the perfect processing technology. Only choose the correct processing technology, to create a high precis
Compared with other mechanical oil production, the submersible electric centrifugal pump has the characteristics of large displacement, wide lift range, large production pressure difference, long working life, simple ground processing equipment and so on.
Compared with other mechanical oil production, the submersible electric centrifugal pump has the characteristics of large displacement, wide lift range, large production pressure difference, long working life, simple ground processing equipment and so on.
Submersible multi-stage centrifugal pump assembly can be divided into the floating pump, partial pressure pump and the overall pressure pump. The structure can be divided into two parts, namely, a rotating part and a fixed part, a rotating part of main sh
Cause of failure :

1.Pump stuffing box packing pressure is not tight.
2.The packing in the packing box of the water pump is filled with the error or the material of the filler and the variation of the characters.
3.Pump shaft bending.
4.Cooling w
Submersible sewage pump because of its installation is simple, small size, easy maintenance, no noise and other advantages, widely used in engineering, factories, commercial, hospitals, hotels, residential areas, such as sewage discharge. At present, Chin
In the pumps, there is a serious problem, no matter what kind of pump belongs to the ranks of pump products as long as there is such a problem: no water! Here we talk about the reasons that lead to the deep well pump does not have the water?
Improving the anti cavitation performance of the pump :
1. reduce the necessary cavitation margin:
1). The double suction impeller pump. The double suction pump NPSH delta HC than single stage single suction pump NPSH HC, N and Q for the same speed flo
The head and the pipe may be inconsistent with the requirements of general pressure flow, the centrifugal pump, or the production tasks, process requirements change, this time is required to pump flow regulation, essence is to change the operating point o
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