WQB series no-blocking sewage pump

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WQB series no-blocking sewage pump

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WQB series no-blocking sewage pump

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WQB non-blocking sewage pump overview:

WQB series sewage pumps adopt vortical flow dual channel impeller (highlift pump adopts centrifugal impeller). It has good performance in draining sewage. Its motor is sealed with hard anticorrosive ceramic at both ends or single end. Besides, the motor has builtin overload protection device. These pumps have a float switch which is suitable for permanent or semipermanent installation in places where the water surface has to be maintained at a particuler level. If the water level rises, the float will rise too. When the float switch rises up to a certain height, it will work to start the pump. And when the water level drops, the float switch will drop too. When it has dropped down to a certain degree, it will work to stop the pump. The protection level of the motor is IP58, designed insulation class Grade E (75K). This motor runs more safely, more reliably and has a longer service life.

WQB non-block sewage pump application scope:

This series of pumps are widely used in industrial projects, agricultural projects, mines and buildings, water supply system in buildings and municipal projects for environment protection, etc. It can pump and discharge fluids containing short-staple materials, paper scraps, sands, solid particles and soft solid materials, such as muddy water, grey water, domestic wastewater, sewage and feces, etc. They are perfect equipment for farmland irrigation, dredging of rivers and ponds, plant construction, etc. But please note that they have no explosion-proof function, so cannot be used in places where flammable objects are prohibited. 

WQB non-block sewage pump working condition:

  1. Based on the center of impeller, the pump shall not be placed deeper than 5m underwater.
  2. The temperature of the fluids being pumped shall not be more than 40°C.
  3. Fluids ph value 4~10.
  4. The volume ratio of solid particles in the fluids should be under 20%
  5. Fluids kinematic viscosity 7×10-7~23×10-6m²/s
  6. Fluids density 1200 kg/m3
  7. For WQ submersible pump, its motor must be filled with water and never let it run without water.

WQB series no-blocking sewage pump model parameter

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
WQB140-7-7.5 140 7 7.5 0
WQB100-10-7.5 100 10 7.5 0
WQB45-22-7.5 45 22 7.5 0
WQB65-15-5.5 65 15 5.5 0
WQB40-22-5.5 40 22 5.5 0
WQB30-30-5.5 30 30 5.5 0
WQB18-40-5.5 18 40 5.5 0
WQB60-10-4 60 10 4 0
WQB50-13-4 50 13 4 0
WQB25-25-4 25 25 4 0
WQB15-32-4 15 32 4 0
WQB60-9-3 60 9 3 0
WQB50-10-3 50 10 3 0
WQB25-20-3 25 20 3 0
WQB15-25-3 15 25 3 0
WQB50-6-2.2 50 6 2.2 0
WQB35-7-2.2 35 7 2.2 0
WQB25-10-2.2 25 10 2.2 0
WQB10-22-2.2 10 22 2.2 0
WQB25-7-1.5 25 7 1.5 0
WQB10-15-1.5 10 15 1.5 0
WQB15-7-1.1 15 7 1.1 0
WQB7-15-1.1 7 15 1.1 0

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