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Operating characteristics of high pressure boiler feed water pump

 Boiler feed water pump

1. High reliability requirements. Due to the large ammonia plant and urea plant of the five centrifugal compressor units are all stand-alone operation, any outage will cause the whole plant to stop production, it is necessary to ensure the normal supply of steam. Fault shutdown of the boiler feedwater pump, will cause the drum water, long time will damage the water and waste heat boiler. Therefore, high reliability is the main indicator of the pump. 

 2. Is the flow, high lift, high pressure multi-stage centrifugal pump. 
 3. Pump speed is higher, the difference is small and the amount of pump cavitation cavitation, cavitation performance of the pump impeller high requirements. 
 4. In addition to Monel alloy, Babbitt alloy and stainless steel, copper or copper alloy can not use the pump, gear box and auxiliary equipment.

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