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Introduction and characteristics of vertical pipeline pump

vertical pipeline pump for the vertical structure, import and export caliber the same, and located in the same center line, like the valve can be installed in the same pipeline, with the installation of feet, increase the stability of the pump, compact appearance, Small size, low construction investment.

vertical pipeline pump

vertical pipeline pump features

  1. Impeller mounted directly on the motor's extended shaft, axial size is short, compact, pump and motor bearing configuration is reasonable, can effectively balance the pump running radial and axial load, thus ensuring the pump running smoothly, vibration noise low.
  2. Shaft seal with mechanical seal or mechanical seal combination, the use of imported titanium seal ring, medium-sized high-temperature mechanical seal and the use of carbide material, wear-resistant seal, can effectively increase the mechanical seal life. Recommended reading: what is the pump in the open.
  3. Easy installation and maintenance, no need to remove the piping system, just remove the pump union nut to extract all the rotor parts.
  4. According to the requirements of the use of flow and head of the need to use the pump string, parallel operation.
  5. The vertical and horizontal installation of the pump can be made according to the piping arrangement. Read more: Secondary water supply price

The above article generally introduces the basic knowledge of the vertical pipeline pump from the basic overview and the characteristics of the product. If there is a relevant requirement, you can consult online or call directly.

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