WQX (D type) Bottom Suction Sewage Pump

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WQX (D type) Bottom Suction Sewage Pump

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WQX (D type) Bottom Suction Sewage Pump

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WQX (D type) Bottom Suction Submersible sewage pump overview:

WQX series bottom suction sewage pumps are suitable for pumping sewage and sludge in any severe environment. They are bottom suction type, which can drain water on working ground completely. It uses three-phase asynchronous electric motor. It takes small floor space, convenient to install, with a long service life.

Service conditions:

1. Voltage 380V or 660V (allowed error 5%), 50Hz, three-phase alternating-current power supply.
2. The volume ratio of solid material in the fluids being pumped shall be below 2%, density no more than 1.2*103kg/ m3.
3. PH value of the fluids between 4 and 12.
4. Temperature of the fluids no more than 50℃

Product features:

  1. WQ series bottom suction submersible sewage pump is composed of submersible three-phase asynchronous electric motor and sewage impellers. The motor is connected with pump body below directly. There is reliable mechanical sealing between them, which can prevent exchange between cooling liquid in motor cavity and the fluids being pumped, so that the pump can run reliably for a long time.
  2. Electric motor winding is made of anti-water polyethylene electromagnetic wire, with nylon sheath. NO.10 machine oil or NO.25 transformer oil is added to the motor cavity or sealing cavity. Don’t fill the cavity with oil. Just add enough oil to submerge the upper bearing. The motor uses radial ball bearing, which is very easy to dismantle and maintain.
  3. The problem of clogging has been taken into full consideration when we design the motor-pump. Solid impurities can pass through our pump easily.
  4. A cooling cover has been added outside the pump case. The motor can get out of water and work for a certain period of time; if the pump is enclosed in a case, when the fluid is being pumped, it will pass through the part of motor, so that the motor can get out of water and work for a long time.
  5. A pop-off valve is set at the top of the motor case for fear that the motor case bursts when the pressure inside is too high.
  6. Small flow pump has centrifugal or spiral-flow structure, used to pump ordinary sewage, or to supply or discharge water with high lift in engineering projects. Large flow pump has double flow channel, non-clocking structure or mixed-flow structure, used for sewage water circulation in coal cleaning plant, for pumping slurry, and for pumping water from river for farmland irrigation, etc.

WQX (D type) Bottom Suction Sewage Pump model parameter

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
WQX(D)100-120 100 120 63 0
WQX(D)100-100 100 100 55 0
WQX(D)100-80 100 80 45 0
WQX(D)100-60 100 60 30 0
WQX(D)100-50 100 50 25 0
WQX(D)100-40 100 40 22 0
WQX(D)100-30 100 30 15 0
WQX(D)100-20 100 20 13 0
WQX(D)80-130 80 130 55 0
WQX(D)80-98 80 98 37 0
WQX(D)80-65 80 65 25 0
WQX(D)80-70 80 70 30 0
WQX(D)80-60 80 60 25 0
WQX(D)80-50 80 50 22 0
WQX(D)80-40 80 40 15 0
WQX(D)80-30 80 30 13 0
WQX(D)70-40 70 40 13 0
WQX(D)50-200 50 200 63 0
WQX(D)50-160 50 160 55 0
WQX(D)50-140 50 140 45 0
WQX(D)50-120 50 120 37 0
WQX(D)50-100 50 100 30 0
WQX(D)50-80 50 80 22 0
WQX(D)50-70 50 70 18.5 0
WQX(D)50-60 50 60 15 0
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