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Maintenance of water pump bearing

Water pump bearing

Water pump bearing rolling bearing repair :

 1. The average life of rolling bearings in 5000h or so, if used for too long or improper installation and maintenance, will make the bearing failure. If the rolling bearing cracks, broken ball, as well as the gap between the ball and the inner and outer rings with feeler 03mm over the provisions shall be replaced with new bearings. 
 2. Such as the inner ring is tight or rotation is not flexible enough, may be the ball holder due to deformation and bearing, skew the generation of mechanical friction, hammer tap holder when available, to correct the deformation of parts. 
 3. the appearance of such as rust, use sandpaper to wipe, then wash and dry. 
 4. the pump shaft and bearing inner ring with tight, usually by pressing into the law, if there is difficulty heating method. 

 Water pump bearing :

 1. repair bearing: bearing sliding bearing is the most easy to wear or burn parts. Generally speaking, if the bearing alloy surface wear, abrasion, peeling and melted more than bearing contact area 25%, re casting bearing alloy. 
 2. Bush scraping: scrape on the pump shaft bearing should be coated with a layer of red oil, and then put on the pump shaft bearing in rotary ring two, remove the pump shaft, when the bearing surface will see many of the uneven distribution of the dot size. These black dots represent bearing higher part, application of scraping Dao gently scrape it off. Then, repeat the above steps until the bearing surface of the honesty dots evenly over now. The scrape should first blow after blow bearing bush. 
 3.The gap between the measurement methods, axle neck and bearing: measuring clearance between shaft neck and bearing the general use of lead wire method, measurement, the fuse on both sides of planar bearing half bearing and shaft neck top placement diameter 1-1.5mm, and then the upper bearing, the bearing cover is screwed, after the bearing cover is open, remove the squashed fuse, then measure the thickness micrometer (usually along the length measuring point 3-5 fuse and take the average value).

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