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Mine Submersible Pump

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Mine Submersible Pump

Flow:100m3/h~2500 m3/h
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   Due to the new bearing structure and materials, it can bear large axial force and ensure the service life of submersible motor. When the motor power is greater than 600kW, a small impeller is set at the lower end of the rotor to make the cooling water in the motor circulate automatically and improve the cooling effect. When the motor power is less than 600kW, the rotor is equipped with spiral water tank, which can also ensure the cooling effect.

Mine submersible pump features:

1. High safety and reliability: the pump and supporting submersible motor are designed and used on the premise of diving into the water.

2. High efficiency, energy saving and high degree of automation: the surface is powered separately, and multi-functional detection and control can be realized on the ground. The electric pump is equipped with multiple monitoring and protection, which is easy to implement intelligent monitoring, remote control and network management.

3. The water pump unit can be used vertically, obliquely and horizontally

4. Easy installation and operation

Mine submersible pump working conditions:

1. Water temperature not higher than 25℃

2. The content of solid matter in water shall not be greater than 0.5% 0 (Note: the content of solid matter in water shall be indicated in the contract so that the manufacturer can choose the shaft extension sealing method.)

3. The water velocity on the surface of the motor shall not be less than 0.5m/so. The motor shell is provided with an anti seawater coating. Pay attention not to scratch the coating when going into the seawater. The motor can work in the seawater for up to 3 months at a time. After the work expires, the motor must be lifted out of the seawater, and the coating must be carefully checked for falling off and damage. If any, the coating shall be brushed after being cleaned and decontaminated with clean water, The corrosion of the zinc plate at the motor base shall be checked, and it shall be replaced in time before it is put into the sea.

(1). Coating material: type B epoxy coal asphalt primer (the first coat)

(2). Type B epoxy coal tar pitch enamel (2nd coat)

4. The pump suction port is 2 meters below the water surface.

5. The rotation direction of the pump is clockwise when viewed from the coupling end to the pump.


Notes for mining submersible pump:

1. The motor must be filled with water.

2. The instructions must be read before installation and use.

3. Ensure the flow rate of water on the surface of the motor. If it cannot be guaranteed, install a deflector (cooling water cover).

4. The electric pump must be reliably grounded for non well applications.

5. The electric pump must fully submerge into the water, and the minimum water level shall be 2m higher than the pump inlet during operation.

6. If it is necessary to test run the submersible pump on the ground, the pump cavity must be filled with water or other lubricating fluid. Otherwise, the sliding bearing will be damaged.

Mine Submersible Pump model parameter

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
800QK500-720 500 720 2200 800
800QK500-660 500 660 1900 800
800QK500-600 500 600 1700 800
800QK500-540 500 540 1500 800
800QK500-480 500 480 1300 800
800QK500-420 500 420 1150 800
800QK500-360 500 360 1000 800
800QK500-300 500 300 850 800
800QK500-240 500 240 620 800
800QK500-180 500 180 470 800
800QK400-900 400 900 2200 800
800QK400-825 400 825 1900 800
800QK400-750 400 750 1700 800
800QK400-675 400 675 1500 800
800QK400-600 400 600 1300 800
800QK400-525 400 525 1150 800
800QK400-450 400 450 1000 800
800QK400-375 400 375 850 800
800QK400-300 400 300 620 800
800QK400-225 400 225 470 800
800QK350-732 350 732 1300 800
800QK350-671 350 671 1150 800
800QK350-610 350 610 1000 800
800QK350-550 350 550 850 800
800QK350-490 350 490 720 800
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