Submersible borehole pumps

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Submersible borehole pumps

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Submersible borehole pumps

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Submersible borehole pumps are water intake equipment that we use frequently in projects such as drinking water.




Submersible borehole pump price:

 Borehole submersible pump prices are affected by many factors, such as brand, model, quality and so on. The higher the quality, the higher the submersible pump price. Compared with other submersible borehole pump manufacturers. The APK uses cost-effective materials to precision cast submersible pumps, so our submersible pumps are competitively priced and worth buying.


Second, different submersible pump materials mean different prices. There are two qualities to choose from: one is cast iron and the other is stainless steel 304/316/316/904L. The customer purchases the submersible pump according to his actual industrial and mining.


Third, the greater the power of the submersible pump, the higher the price, the same power has different specifications submersible pumps.


Submersible borehole pumps user case:

Water wells are common application environments for submersible borehole pumps, but some pump types cannot be used under this industry because of factors such as well diameter and well depth. The APK submersible tube well pump can meet different well diameters and submersible underwater work. It can also be used in seawater submersible lifting, mine drainage, agricultural irrigation, landscape fountains and other applications. Through such production cases, we can find that we constantly improve the submersible pump borehole, constantly overcome the mining problems, and adapt the submersible borehole pump to you and the quality of the products. The APK deep well submersible pump has been improved by many years of project cases, and the submersible pump is already in a mature stage, and will continue to improve in the future to meet different industrial and mining needs.



Submersible borehole pump delivery packing:


 Submersible borehole pump manfacturer:

1. Our factory:

In 1986, Mr. Huang founded the Shenlong Pump Industry Factory in Zhengzhou, constantly growing his team, learning the knowledge of submersible pumps, and building his own pump export brand: APK. Submersible pump as the export brand of APK pump manufacturer We attach great importance to the quality and efficiency of submersible pumps.


2. Certification:

Our QJ submersibe pump, QJR hot water submersible pump, QK mine submersible pump, QS(P) submersible pump, QS(Z) axial type submersible pump and other series of pumps all passed CE, BV, SGS, TUV, SASO and other authoritative institutions Certification.


3. Our partner:


4. Attend exhibition:





Submersible borehole pumps model parameter

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