Seawater submersible pumps

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Seawater submersible pumps

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Seawater submersible pumps

Flow:10~2500 m³/h or customized
Lift:10~600m or customized
Power:5.5-400KW or customzied
Qualitycertificate:One year warranty and lifelong maintenance
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Seawater submersible pumps are specially designed for use in seawater. When purchasing seawater submersible pumps, most users will consider corrosion resistant stainless steel seawater submersible pumps. Between the corrosive degree of seawater, the corrosion resistant stainless steel seawater submersible pump produced by APK water pumps factory has 304 stainless steel seawater submersible pump, 316 stainless steel seawater submersible pump and 316L stainless steel seawater submersible pump. Seawater submersible pumps can also be used to transport salt water and aquaculture applications.

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Water pumping into the motor cavity of seawater submersible pump:

When you buy corrosion-resistant seawater submersible pumps, many seawater submersible pump manufacturers say that before starting a submersible pump, you must have clean water in the motor chamber? Perhaps many customers do not know: stainless steel seawater submersible pump in the water will generate a lot of heat. For example, the motor of the 2900 r/min stainless steel seawater submersible pump generates a lot of heat when it is running, and the heat reaction is inside the motor. At this time, we need to fill the motor with clean water to cool the motor, so as to prevent the motor from overheating and burning the motor.

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Seawater Submersible Pump Factory:

APK water pump factory not only has seawater submersible pumps, but also has QJ submersible deep well pumps, QSP fountain submersible pumps, WQ sewage pumps, large flow axial/mixed flow pumps, double-suction split casing centrifugal pumps, vertical/horizontal pipeline centrifugal pumps and DG multistage boiler feeding pump, etc. Series pumps. If you would like more information about the APK factory, please click on the APK Factory for more information.

So,you have no reason don't buying our deep well submersible pump, any inquiry or question, you can email us by follow:


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