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ShenLong APK company introduction

A large-scale modernized mainstay water supply and drainage facility enterprise in China that integrates research, development, trial-manufacture, testing, productionand management

About ShenLong APK

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Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry Limited Company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It stands by the beautiful Yellow River, against the scenic mountain of Mangshan. Shenlong Pump was established in the 1980s, short as APK. After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, APK has become one of the largest modern enterprises in Henan Province that integrate Research and Development (R&D), Prototype Design, Product Testing, advanced industrial production technology and excellent management principle.

APK is professional in designing, manufacturing and exporting water pumps. We are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture in China. The water pumps we produce have been sold all over the world. We have advanced technology and all necessary equipment for production, planer and drill press for example. Our factory covers over 660000 square meters of land in total, with over 300 sets of production equipment and 860 staffs, including more than 40 senior technical experts. 

Our brand name is "Shenwu". We produce high quality water pumps with high efficiency and offer them at reasonable price. Our pumps work safely and save energy greatly. We have over 40 series of water pumps, including QJ submersible pump series, QS small electric submersible pump series, WQ sewage pump series, QY Oil-filled submersible pump, SLG/SLW pipeline pump, D-type pumps, stainless steel pumps, etc.