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Common troubles and elimination of agricultural mud pump

Mud pump


In rural areas, agricultural mud pump is mainly used for pumping mud, mud, water conservancy is power machinery and aquaculture. In the use of mud pump is often encountered after the power is switched on, the motor is not running, the flow is too small, the flow is too small, vibration and noise and other faults. What are the causes of these failures, and how to solve it? 

 Common troubles and troubleshooting of mud pump :

 1. Power supply after the motor does not turn the fault causes and solutions: 

Fault reason: power supply circuit breaker; motor stator winding open circuit, single phase operation; impeller was stuck debris. 
 Solution: check whether the circuit is open and connected; check the impeller operation, remove the debris at the impeller. 

 2. Motor failure causes and solutions: 

 Fault: motor rotor and stator rub, eccentric air gap, the magnetic attraction is not balanced, accompanied by fever and "buzz" sound; the power supply voltage is too low; bearing a foreign body stuck; impeller mild grazing seizure; the motor shaft and the pump shaft deformation; packing too tight. 
 Solution: increase the power supply voltage; check and correct the motor shaft, pump shaft, replace the damaged bearings and enhance the lubrication, ensure concentricity of the motor shaft, pump shaft, loosen the gland. 

 3. The flow is too small failure causes and solutions: 

 Causes of failure: the pump into the mud is too shallow and suck the air; suction mud plug; mud pipe blockage; impeller damage; the impeller has a winding; high lift. 
 Solution: dig deep mire, so that the pump shell is not into the mud, and remove the suction mud, mud pipe, impeller at the debris, repair or replacement of the impeller; reduce the lift, shorten the distance, etc.. 

 4. Vibration and noise fault causes and solutions: 

 The reason for the failure: the bearing is short of oil or damage; the fastening nut is loose; the impeller touches the pump shell; the pump shell has foreign bodies. 
 Solution: replace the bearing, add lubricating oil; tighten the loose nut; adjust and correct the impeller.


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