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QJ deep well submersible pump

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QJ deep well submersible pump

Flow:10~2500 m³/h or customized
Lift:10~1000m or customized
Power:2.2-400KW or customzied
Qualitycertificate:One year warranty and lifelong maintenance
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QJ deep well pump is a high lift submersible pump. This series of submersible pumps are mainly used to solve the problem of water intake for customers. Their application fields include farmland irrigation, deep well water lifting, mine drainage, emergency rescue, sea water lifting, urban water supply and groundwater sources raised by enterprises. In order to solve the problem of different application scenarios and different extraction media for customers, the deep well submersible pumps produced by APK factory are cast iron deep well submersible pumps and 304 stainless steel deep well submersible pumps, 316 stainless steel deep well submersible pumps and 316L stainless steel deep well submersible pumps.

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Structural Characteristics and Opreational Principle of Deep Well Submersible Pump:

QJ deep well submersible pump is an efficient and energy-saving water lifting tool for submersible work. The motor is filled with clean water to cool the motor and lubricate the bearings. Polyethylene insulated nylon sheath is used in motor winding, water-resistant electromagnetic wire is used, sand-throwing ring and skeleton oil seal are used in the upper part of the motor to seal, so as to prevent leakage of internal and external media of the motor. The water pump is a vertical single-stage, multi-stage centrifugal closed impeller, and the guide shell conveys liquid.

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Difference Between Cast Iron Deep Well Submersible Pump and Stainless Steel Deep Well Submersible Pump:

1. In terms of performance, the performance of cast iron deep-well submersible pump is the same as that of stainless steel deep-well submersible pump. The difference is that the extraction medium is different. Stainless steel deep-well submersible pumps can be well used in applications with corrosive media, such as seafood factories or seawater; 304 stainless steel deep-well submersible pumps have good corrosion resistance in dehydrated minerals, clean water containing a small amount of chemicals and slightly alkaline water; 316L stainless steel is recommended when corrosive media is heavy;

2. In terms of price, cast iron deep-well submersible pump has the greatest advantage. Because the greatest advantage of non-embroidered steel deep-well submersible pump is the application of saltwater, seawater or seafood factories. Therefore, in terms of price,

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Deep Well Submersible Pump Testing:

Before delivery, APK will test each deep well submersible pump. Especially the pump head is monitored to ensure that the actual pump head can meet the needs of customers. Our goal is to lead the pump market with competitive prices and advanced production equipment while satisfying customers and maintaining growth.

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QJ Deep Well Submersible Pumps Working Conditions:

  1. Three-phase power supply voltage deviation dones not exceed ±5% and the frequency deviation isn't more than ±1%;
  2. Motor cavity must be filled with clean water during operation;
  3. The primary impeller of the pump should be immersed at least 2m under dynamic water level. The pump unit shall be less than 70m deep under static water level. The foot of motor shall be at least 3m above well bottom.
  4. Water temperature no higher than 20 ℃.
  5. Sand content of the water (by quality) not more than 0.01%.
  6. Water PH 6.5~8.5.
  7. The content of hydrogen sulfide in water not more than 1.5 mg/l.
  8. The content of chloridion in water shall not be higher than 400mg/l.
  9. The water source shall provide enough water for the pump to work continuously.

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QJ deep well submersible pump model parameter

Model Flow Lift Power Diameter
300QJ500-90/6 500 90 220 300
300QJ500-75/5 500 75 180 300
300QJ500-60/4 500 60 140 300
300QJ500-45/3 500 45 110 300
300QJ500-30/2 500 30 75 300
300QJ500-15/1 500 15 30 300
300QJ400-120/3 400 120 220 300
300QJ400-80/2 400 80 160 300
300QJ400-40/1 400 40 75 300
300QJ300-80/4 300 80 110 300
300QJ300-60/3 300 60 75 300
300QJ300-40/2 300 40 55 300
300QJ300-20/1 300 20 25 300
300QJ240-110/5 240 110 100 300
300QJ240-88/4 240 88 100 300
300QJ240-66/3 240 66 75 300
300QJ240-44/2 240 44 45 300
300QJ240-22/1 240 22 22 300
300QJ200-120/6 200 120 110 300
300QJ200-100/5 200 100 90 300
300QJ200-80/4 200 80 75 300
300QJ200-60/3 200 60 55 300
300QJ200-40/2 200 40 37 300
300QJ200-30/1 200 30 25 300
300QJ200-20/1 200 20 18.5 300
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