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diesel engine self-priming pump structure and application

diesel engine self-priming pump with self-priming and non-clogging sewage in one, the use of axial back-flow mixing, and through the pump, the unique design of the impeller channel, you can like the general self-priming pump do not need to install the bottom valve and tank Diversion, but also draw a large particle containing solid and long fiber impurities in the liquid;

diesel engine self-priming pump

diesel engine self-priming pump can be widely used in municipal sewage flood control and drought relief, river pond breeding, light industry, paper, textile, food, chemical, electrical, fiber, slurry and mixed suspension and other medium transport the best diesel self-priming pump.

diesel engine self-priming pump a lot of structural types, which, on the other hand, the impeller was discharged to the air separation chamber in the water and then back and forth to return to the outer edge of the impeller. The water returned from the backflow of water is under the action of pressure difference and gravity, and is shot in the impeller channel and crushed by the impeller. After mixing with the air from the suction pipe, the water is pumped to the volute, Pump gear pump corrosion resistant pump acid pump fire pump to the direction of rotation flow. And then with the right back to the water hole to the water confluence, along the volute flow. As the liquid in the volute continue to impact the cascade, continue to be impeller shattered, with the air stirring a strong mix, the formation of gas and water mixture, and continue to flow so that gas can not be separated. The mixture is peeled off at the exit of the volute and enters the separation chamber along the spool. The air is separated in the separation chamber, drained from the outlet pipe, and the water is still flowing back and forth to the outer edge of the impeller and mixed with the suction pipe air. So repeated cycle, and gradually drain the air in the pipeline exhausted, so that water into the pump to complete the self-priming process.

The internal combustion of the diesel engine self-priming pump, the working principle and the external hybrid self-priming pump the same, the difference is not only return to the outer edge of the impeller, and flow to the impeller inlet. In the internal self-priming pump at the start, the valve should be opened before the bottom of the return valve, so that the liquid pump back to the impeller inlet. The water is mixed with the air from the suction pipe by the high-speed rotation of the impeller to form the gas-water mixture to the separation chamber. Where the air is drained and the water is returned from the return valve to the impeller inlet. So repeated, until the air exhausted, suck the water to.

diesel engine self-priming pump self-priming height, and the impeller before the seal gap, the number of revolutions of the pump, separation chamber surface height and other factors. The smaller the sealing gap is, the higher the self-priming height is, the general is 0.3 ~ 0.5mm. When the gap increases, the lift and the efficiency of the pump are lower than the self-priming height. The self-priming height of the pump increases with the increase of the circumferential velocity u2 of the impeller. However, when the maximum self-priming height is increased, the number of revolutions increases and the self-priming height is no longer increased. At this time, only the self- When the drop, the self-priming height decreases. In other cases, the self-priming height increases with the increase of the storage height (but can not exceed the optimal storage height of the separation chamber). In order to better mix the air and water in the self-priming pump, the blades of the impeller must be less, so that the pitch of the cascade increases; and the semi-open impeller (or impeller with wide impeller) should be used. Easy to return to the depth of the impeller into the impeller.

Most of the self-priming pump with the internal combustion engine, mounted on a removable car, suitable for field operations. What is the working principle of self-priming pump? Ordinary centrifugal pump, if the suction surface under the impeller, start should be pre-irrigation, very convenient. In order to pump water in the pump, the suction pipe inlet requires a bottom valve, pump work, the bottom valve caused a lot of water loss. The so-called diesel engine self-priming pump, that is, before the start without irrigation (after the first installation is still necessary to start irrigation), after a short period of time, by the role of the pump itself, that can suck up the water, put into normal work.

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