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how to choose diesel engine pump

diesel engine pump as a city flood emergency rescue use, as a backup pump case, can be used as a diesel engine self-priming pump . Diesel engine by the diesel engine body, suction system, exhaust system, fuel injection system, cooling system, lubrication system, control system components.

diesel engine pump

The basic working principle of the diesel engine is to use the compression ignition method to burn the fuel in the cylinder, with high temperature and high pressure gas to do the working fluid, inflated in the cylinder to promote the piston reciprocating motion, and through the piston rod crank mechanism to reciprocating motion into crankshaft rotation movement. Through the intake, compression, combustion, expansion and exhaust process, the fuel in the cylinder to do work, four-stroke diesel engine crankshaft every two laps to complete a cycle, two-stroke diesel engine crankshaft every lap to complete a cycle, The amount can control the output torque. Diesel engine thermal efficiency is high, generally 35% to 40%.

Diesel engine speed selection of diesel engine pump

Diesel engine speed can be divided into high-speed, medium and low speed.

  • High speed:> 1500r / min;
  • Medium speed: 750 ~ 1500r / min;
  • Low speed: <750r / min.

When driving the diesel engine self-priming pump, select the medium speed diesel engine, for the continuous operation of the pump, you can choose a lower speed; for intermittent or short-term operation of the pump, you can choose a higher speed.

When using a diesel engine to drive a reciprocating pump, select a low speed diesel engine.

Diesel engine output power selection of diesel engine pump

Diesel engine output power and atmospheric conditions, the same diesel engine in different environmental conditions, the output power is different, commonly used in several power terms are:

(1) rated power (Rated Power) factory marked, the diesel engine in a certain environmental conditions, the output power.

(2) ISO power is the output power of the diesel engine under standard reference conditions given by IS0 15550, Internal combustion engines-Determina- tion and method for the measurement of engine power-Gencral requirements. The standard reference conditions are:

  • Atmospheric pressure pr, l00kPa;
  • Atmospheric temperature Tr. 298K (25 ℃);
  • Relative humidity ≠, 30%;
  • Coolant (for air cooling) Temperature: Ter. , 298K (25 ° C).

(3) Service Power The output power of the diesel engine at the most demanding ambient conditions. Diesel service power is generally 10% greater than the power required by the pump.

(4) continuous power (Continuous Power) diesel engine in the specified speed and environmental conditions, can be continuously issued power.

(5) Overload Power The maximum power allowed for the diesel engine under the specified environmental conditions and conditions of use is 1h for every 12h.

The output power and fuel consumption of the diesel engine under different environmental conditions can be converted according to IS0 3046/1. As a general estimate, the following principles can be used:

  • Diesel engine installation site of the altitude of ≥ 500m, the rise of each l00m, power reduction of 1%;
  • Diesel engine installation site of the ambient temperature ≥ 25 ℃, each increased 5.6 ℃, power reduction of 1%.

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