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Working principle of different Self-priming pumps

Self-priming pump

Self-priming pump according to the principle of operation is divided into gas-liquid mixing (including internal and external mixed type), water ring wheel, jet type (including liquid jet and gas jet) several categories. 

Working principle of self priming pump 
1. Gas-liquid mixed self-priming pump peacetime try to pump a certain amount of water in the pump, after the pump started due to the rotation of the impeller, suction pipe line of air and water fully mixed, and was discharged into the gas water separation chamber. Gas water separation chamber on the upper part of the gas discharge, the lower part of the liquid to return to the impeller, and suction pipeline gas mixture until the pump and suction pipe line all exhaust gas, complete self-priming, normal pumping. 
According to different parts of water circumfluence after gas-liquid mixing, the gas-liquid mixing self-priming pump is divided into internal mixing type and external mixing type. The gas-liquid separation chamber of the liquid flow to the impeller inlet, air and water on the impeller inlet mixture is called within the mixed type self-priming pump; gas-liquid separation chamber of the liquid flow to the impeller outlet, the air and water in the outer edge of the impeller is called a mixed type self-priming pump. 
2. Water wheel is a ring round the water pump impeller and combined in a shell, with the help of water from the gas ring round to achieve self absorption, when the pump after the normal operation, can be connected with the centrifugal wheel and water ring round passage through the valve and release the water cut within the liquid ring round. 
3. Jet self-priming pump, centrifugal pump and jet pump (or injector) combined, relying on the injection device, resulting in vacuum suction nozzle.

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