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diesel engine pump features and wholesale

diesel engine pump  is a diesel-powered pump, completely reduce the labor intensity of workers, and use, mobile, easy installation, minimal maintenance, stable performance.

diesel engine pump

diesel engine pump overview

diesel engine pump is a direct diesel engine driven, can be started in a relatively short period of time and the realization of water supply mechanical and electrical integration equipment. Diesel engine is a set of microelectronics technology, digital technology, computer technology, information processing technology, industrial automation and control technology, communication technology and mechanical technology as one of the high-tech products.

engine characteristics of diesel engine pump

Most of the diesel engine pump selection of the engine, both inside and outside the famous brand diesel engine as a driving source power. Diesel engines are usually selected for automotive, engineering or water pump dedicated high-speed, high performance, high reliability, load capacity, low pollution emissions products.

diesel engine pump features

  1. Automatic start: diesel pump unit connected to the fire / pipe network pressure / power failure / or other start signal, in 15 seconds to automatically start and put into full operation;
  2. Automatic charging: the battery can use the mains or diesel engine charging motor automatically charge to ensure the smooth start of the unit;
  3. Automatic alarm: the diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature and other automatic alarm protection, alarm and stop when speeding;
  4. Automatic preheating: the diesel engine in a heat standby state to ensure that emergency work;
  5. Direct connection: 360kw diesel fuel pump unit using the first domestic diesel engine and pump through the flexible coupling directly connected to the technology, reducing the point of failure, and the unit start-up time is greatly reduced, an increase of the unit's reliability and emergency performance ;
  6. Users may also request to set other alarm output (non-standard supply);
  7. With telemetry, remote, remote control function (non-standard supply);

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