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Classification and structure of self-priming pump

Self-priming pump

Self priming pump is a special kind of vane pump. Compared with the vane pump which do not need to install the valve, do not need irrigation before the start, can automatically discharge the air inlet pipe, the water absorption characteristics of the. Especially in normal operation, inhalation of a small amount of gas will not interrupt pumping. 

Self priming pump has a certain self-priming capacity, so that the water pump in the case of suction is not easy to start, and maintain normal operation. There are two types of sliding vane and centrifugal type. According to the position of mixed gas is discharged and start circulating liquid in the pump, and the inner and outside mixed mixed type two structures, usually have a backflow hole and gas-liquid separation chamber. The separated gas is discharged out of the pump, and the separated liquid is returned to the pump body to be mixed again, so that the circulation process is completed. At present, China's production of self-priming pump is basically self-priming centrifugal pump. The self-priming pump can be divided into two types: external mixing type self-priming pump, internal mixed self-priming pump and vacuum pump, which can provide the power of the pump. 
The structure of the self-priming pump can be considered to consist of two parts: first, a single-phase motor is the power source of the self-priming pump; the two is composed of a suction chamber, a water outlet chamber and a copper impeller. Self suction pump is switched on, the copper impeller under the drive of the motor, the pump head seal in high speed rotation, the first discharge water chamber and the outlet of indoor air, until it reaches a certain vacuum, under the influence of the atmospheric pressure water along the pipeline will enter the suction chamber, and then through the water inlet flow into impeller chamber. In the impeller chamber, the pressure generated by high-speed rotation of the copper impeller will be sent to the ground water. The suction and drainage process is not difficult to infer, since the degree of vacuum suction pump suction depends on the pump body, on the big pressure wells "pressure into the pump body, the suction is not more than 10 m (an industrial pressure); self suction pump head size to produce copper the rotation of the impeller pressure, copper impeller to rotate faster, the greater the pressure, the higher the lift.

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