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self-priming diesel engine pump unit

ZX series self-priming diesel engine pump unit is in the repeated research on the basis of similar technology at home and abroad on the successful development of a novel product. The pump set is self-priming and non-clogged sewage in one, the use of diesel-driven axial back-flow mixing, and through the pump, the unique design of the impeller runner, the use of no need to install the end valve and irrigation water. Pumps can be sucked with large particles of solid and long fiber impurities liquid, can be widely used in municipal sewage and waterlogging projects, agricultural irrigation. The pump has a simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage capacity, energy efficient, easy maintenance, integrated or outdoor mobile design features, in the diesel pump series of products is the first domestic.

self-priming diesel engine pump

using condition of self-priming diesel engine pump unit

1) Ambient temperature ≤ 50 ℃, medium temperature ≤ 80 ℃, special requirements up to 200 ℃.
2) medium PH value cast iron material for 6-9, stainless steel for 2-13.
3) medium weight does not exceed 1240kg / m3.
4) Self-priming height can not exceed 4.5-5.5 m, suction pipe length ≤ 10 m.

standard delivery of self-priming diesel engine pump unit

1) diesel water pump unit: diesel engine, water pump, coupling, cooling fan, cooling water tank, steel base (including the bottom of the tank 80-120L), batteries and connecting wires, exhaust muffler, control panel.
2) The standard design for the pump group, the bottom of the fuel tank, control panel, battery pack integrated one.
3) According to customer requirements can be designed as a pump, the bottom of the tank, control panel, battery pack, outdoor rain box compound one outdoor.
4) According to customer requirements can be designed to trailer (four or two) mobile type.

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