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ISG vertical pipeline pump features

ISG vertical pipeline pump , also known as piping , pumps, pipeline centrifugal , single-stage centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps , booster pumps, heat pumps, circulating pumps, etc. , I plant pumps Institute of Technology in the United Nations expert selection domestic excellent hydraulic model, using iS -type centrifugal pump performance parameters and SG -type pipeline pump , the ingenious combination on the basis of generally vertical pipeline pump design is made , while according to temperature, different media ISG series pipeline pump derived based on the application of hot water pipeline pumps, high temperature corrosion-resistant chemical pipeline pumps, piping pumps. This series of products with high efficiency , low noise, reliable performance . Comply with the latest Ministry of Machinery JB/T53058-93 standard requirements , design and manufacture according to the international ISO2858 standards.

ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

ISG vertical pipeline pump features

1, the pipeline centrifugal pump for the vertical structure , import and export of the same caliber , and is located in the same center line, like the valve installed in the pipeline , compact appearance , small footprint, construction investment is low , such as with protective cover can be placed outdoors .
2 , pipeline centrifugal impeller mounted directly on the long axis of the motor , short axial dimension , compact structure, reasonable allocation of pump and motor bearings , can effectively balance the radial and axial loads generated by operation of the pump , thus ensuring the pump smooth running, low vibration, low noise.
3 , pipeline centrifugal pump mechanical seal or seal with a combination of mechanical seals , sealing rings imported titanium alloy , medium and high temperature mechanical seal with carbide materials , wear-resistant seal , can effectively extend the service life of mechanical seals .
4 , pipeline pump installation and maintenance easy , no need to open the pipeline system , just remove the pump body seat nut out all the rotor parts.
5 , pipeline centrifugal pump flow and head requirements that need using series and parallel manner using the pump according to the requirement .
6 , pipeline centrifugal pump can adopt vertical and horizontal installation in accordance with requirements of piping layout .

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