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Operation and maintenance of high speed pipeline pump

High speed pipeline pump

1. Use of high speed pipeline pumps :

High speed pipeline pump should be small flow, high lift occasions, can be used to transport a variety of corrosive. Viscosity of small -500mPa, s and liquid containing a certain concentration of solid particles. 

 2. The use of high speed pipeline pump :

 1). Add qualified lubricating oil to the tank to the specified level. If there is a lubricating station, check whether the interlock circuit is easy to use. 
 2). Check the pump accessories installation flawless and perfect. 
 3). Motor single pass test, confirm the correct turn. 
 4). Barring jam free phenomenon and abnormal sound. 
 5. Open pump inlet valve, check the leakage of the parts. 
 6). Start the pump and check the lubrication, vibration and leakage of each part. 
 7). No small flow control line, in a timely manner to open the valve evenly, do not drive too fast to avoid pumping time. Control flow, pressure and current in the specified range. 
 8). Do not allow the use of population control flow valve, so as not to pump. 
 9). Stop the pump outlet valve before stopping the pump. 

 3. High speed pipeline pump maintenance :

 1). Regularly check the lubricating oil level and quality. 
 2). Regularly check the pump inlet and outlet pressure, vibration, flow, seal leakage and bearing temperature and other parameters, abnormal or abnormal sound and other problems in a timely manner to stop processing. 
 3). Regularly check whether the pump is loose. 
 4). The standby pump periodically turning.


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