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How to maintain the submersible pump

Submersile pump

The submersible pump is very common in our life, especially in agricultural irrigation, industrial water supply, drinking water and other mountainous plateau used more frequently. In the use of submersible pump in the process do not ignore the maintenance of submersible pumps, otherwise it is easy to lead to submersible pump failure, affecting the efficiency and quality. The following talk about submersible pump maintenance notes. 

 1. In the use of submersible pump to check the machine switch, cable, electric shock protector and so on, to ensure that these things are not abnormal, can work properly to start submersible pump. In particular, we should pay attention to the ground to be good to avoid electric shock accidents. 
 2. Submersible pump insulation resistance should be regularly checked, if less than 0.5M, it is not in line with the requirements, to deal with in a timely manner, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine. 
 3. To regularly check the drainage holes and holes, there is no exception to tighten. Or when the water inlet of the submersible pump, to cut off the power, pull the rings on the rope. 
 4. Submersible pump work for more than 300 hours, to carry out sensitive water inspection, if the release of water less than 25 ml, it is necessary to check whether the rubber seal has been damaged. To the attention of the submersible pump can not work because of the large buried River, river mud debris, will affect the working effect of submersible pump.

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