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Running big current causes of mine submersible pump

Mining submersible pump

Mine submersible pump operation current assembly caused by the protection switch trip, the main reasons for the current major following: 

1. The pump to the wrong: 

Reverse rotation, compared with normal steering, reverse rotation when the pump water significantly reduced. Correction method: the power line of three cores in any two exchange. 

2. Mining submersible pump flow is greater than the normal range :

Flow is too large, shaft power is large, motor overload. Countermeasures, adjust the valve, reduce flow, so that pump flow in the normal range of application. 

3. Mining submersible pump supporting motor guide bearings, thrust bearings, impeller, pump rubber bearings, sealing rings of varying degrees of wear :

These wear will make the pump working state is poor, than this serious consequence is that the pump is damaged, the stator winding burn. Countermeasures: find out the cause of wear after repair or replacement of damaged parts, remember to check the mechanical seal is intact, if the mechanical seal damage, should be replaced by a new. 

4. Mining submersible pump shaft bending, bearing not concentric :

Found immediately after the overhaul, straightening shaft straightening, bending degree should be less than or equal to 0.05mm/m, and replace the bearing failure, re assembling mine submersible pump.

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