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Method for improving the performance of sewage pump

Sewage pump
Water pump is one of the most important equipment in the sewage treatment industry, and how to improve the performance of the sewage pump under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the sewage pump? 

1. Improve the reliability of the seal : 

Double face mechanical seal to ensure the normal operation of the pump, and using the model to cast corrosion wear resistant material resistance, the double face mechanical seal can make the water safe operation of more than 3 times longer than usual. 

2. Bearing life extension :

The quality of bearing lubrication is a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the water pump can get sufficient lubrication, bearing the bearing friction, abrasion resistance, rust proof, sealing will have a certain impact bearing damage, there are a large part of the lubrication is not good enough and cause, so good lubrication will increase the use of bearing life. 

3. Cavitation phenomenon :

Reduce cavitation by changing the pump run time environment, in addition, the use of anti cavitation material pump in the pump casting process can effectively reduce the occurrence of cavitation, cavitation can also be sprayed gas on the surface, the surface hardness is improved, can very good protection. 

4. Motor life :

Prolong the service life of the motor, regularly on the motor maintenance, this method can not only save the cost of users, but also extend the service life of the pump.

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