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Submersible pump industry must adapt to more different environmental requirements


Submersile pump

With the gradual popularization of well submersible pump and application of the field of expansion, submersible submersible pump must adapt to more different environmental requirements. With the feedback of market data, using CAD and CFD computer aided design and manufacturing and auxiliary test software, and fluorine plastic, plastic lining, lining material, glue spraying ceramics and new technology application, the submersible pump is gradually to the high efficiency, energy saving and environment protection is the direction of development. Specific as follows: 

 1. Technical innovation will drive new technology, new materials continue to use in the production of submersible pump wells. For example, the traditional casting process to more advanced stainless steel stamping welding process development. The core components of multistage pump stainless steel stamping and welding of stainless steel plate by stamping, has high reliability, good sealing performance, higher precision, and the hydraulic performance of pump efficiency is better than casting production wells with submersible pumps, stainless steel stamping and welding process is well used in the future development trend of submersible pump. 
 2. Design to more efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly direction. For example, oil filled motor design to more environmentally friendly water filled motor design and development. The medium filled with the oil filled submersible motor is mechanical oil, and the medium filled with the water filled submersible motor is water. In addition, with the frequency conversion technology in the application of motor design gradually popularization, future submersible pump will be more efficient, energy saving. 
 3. The overall design to the development of removable modular design direction, namely motor and pump body parts such as modular combination, convenient disassembly and replacement of damaged parts and prolong the service life of the water pump, the goal of reducing use cost.

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