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Installation attention of agricultural submersible pump

Submersile pump

1. Go through before installation :

Submersible pump installation, should first check whether the rotation of the Li axis flexible, if the pump shaft rotation is not flexible, there are impact sound, Li axis radial shaking, should be installed after troubleshooting. Second check whether there is damage into the water hose, such as cracking to promptly stick. Third check each fastening bolt loose, to tighten the loose bolt. Finally, check the motor winding of submersible pump cable insulation resistance, not less than 500 billion euro only allowed to install and use. 

2. Right distribution :

Power line should be required to use, to the overhead cable, power line should not be too long, if the pump power and the use of distance, wire section area of cable should be increased, the joint should be less as far as possible, to reduce the line drop. Submersible pump 10 kW can be started directly, the best control equipment with automatic air circuit breaker without such appliances, can also be used knife switch, but in accordance with the working current of the submersible pump to install the right fuse. 10 kW submersible pump should be equipped with step-down start cabinet to protect the safe operation of submersible pumps. The cable needed to be put into the water pipe flange groove, and waterproof rope the cable is fixed on the output tube. Submersible pump when the water or water do not make the cable force, so as not to cause power cord rupture, at the same time, but also to prevent the cable during the next well scratch. 

3. To have two leakage protection measures :

To ensure safety, can be buried in the vicinity of the power supply or water pump in a wet length of 1 meters above the metal rod as a submersible pump grounding body. Simultaneously, 
Also install leakage protector. Because submersible pumps work underwater, easy leakage caused by power loss and even cause electric shock accident. If there is a leakage protector, as long as the submersible pump leakage exceeds the action leakage protection current value (generally not more than 30 MA), electric leakage protection device will cut off the power supply, the submersible pump to avoid leakage, to ensure safety. 

4. Check the motor rotation direction before entering the water because there are many types of submersible pumps are turning and reversing can be out :

Water, but reverse the small amount of water, large current, its inversion time will be damaged long, motor winding. Therefore, submersible pump into the water before the first check the power supply rotating direction is correct. If the three-phase submersible impeller reverse, should immediately stop, replace the cable in the three-phase core line of any two phase contact can be. Insulation between the group and the ground sister, should not be less than 500 billion euros. 

5. Set the security warning signs :

 In order to prevent accidents, should be set near the submersible warning signs. To ensure safety, personnel and livestock are prohibited from contacting the water near the submersible pump outlet.

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