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Development and opportunity of sewage pump

sewage pump


In recent years, the rapid development of the pump industry, not only the level of valve production has been greatly improved, and its production has been greatly increased. But more embarrassing is that small and medium-sized private enterprises in the process of the growth rate is relatively large, the proportion is relatively large. The large and small enterprises, domestic pump valve industry is not strong, the market competitiveness is poor. From the current situation of the development of the valve industry, the pump industry itself is also facing the risk of elimination of backward production capacity.

Under the influence of the market economy, steel, construction and downstream industries, the market has shrunk dramatically, which depends on the development of these industries, the valve industry is undoubtedly a fatal blow. Under the market economy system, the survival of the fittest has been greatly improved. In today's environmental pressure gradually increased, the industry will also actively transition.

Now in the country's good investment environment and infrastructure policies continue to deepen, China's pump industry will lead to sustained growth in the development of new opportunities.

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