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Development trend of diversified new type water pump

Centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, self priming pumps are commonly used in China's traditional pumps, due to the design, production and use of many of the drawbacks, resulting in a large number of electrical energy waste and resource loss. Water pump enterprise production conditions of uneven, production process of differ in thousands of ways, resulting in enterprise production and test conditions are not enough, processing, assembling, rough resulting in the overall efficiency of the pump is low, serious waste of energy consumption.

Although the contradiction between China's pump industry in the development process are more or less, but under the policy guidance and specifications, system security, multi function model pump difficulties, is a breakthrough in the area of pump industry development, through the integration of traditional pump working principle, set of centrifugal pump, submersible pump, self suction pump function and performance in one, in the conservation of raw materials at the same time also reduces the cost, break through the limitation of traditional pump, the realization of the usage patterns of a multi-purpose pumps for the modernization of can be widely used in the industry of agricultural, domestic and industrial, mining and water projects.

Social progress, policy system, market orientation, propaganda intensifies day by day, the energy crisis is reaching, the importance and urgency of saving energy and reducing consumption driven market competition in price war, the number of war gradually shifted to the energy saving of the core technology research.

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