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Analysis of the causes of clogging of submersible sewage pump

Submersile sewage pump

Submersible sewage pump anti clogging performance will be more and more important? This is mainly due to two reasons: 

 1. Sewage treatment costs increased. Industrial enterprises are trying to reduce the amount of water consumption per unit of production, which makes the solid content of sewage and fiber content is increasing. 
 2. Sewage pump more and more used the means of energy conservation, is the speed regulation of the drive, and speed regulation can not guarantee that the sewage pump will not plug. 
 Aiming at the frequent plugging machine impurity pump impeller, the initial operation of the equipment used by each block will clear, not overnight cleaning method. Although this avoids downtime, but often remove the pump body, causing the pump mouth ring and other parts of the wear and tear at the same time each time a large amount of human consumption. In order to change this situation, the carbon steel water tank is installed at the inlet of the pump, and it is 45. The filter screen is used to filter the impurities again to avoid clogging. Teams and groups to carry out 1 to 3 times a month of sewage pollution. After the implementation of this program has received a certain effect, human consumption has been alleviated. At the bottom of the dirt blocking box has a vent valve, but there are still dead. Part of the sewage and impurities in the dead space after the accumulation, in the clean-up of the staff is likely to cause a slight gas poisoning injury, is not conducive to safe operation. 
 The shapes of the rotor blades of the submersible sewage pump are divided into two types, namely, the vortex blade and the cutting blade, which are the most widely used in the leaves of the two forms. Swirl impeller is not in the medium of movement, according to the principle of fluid dynamics need to pump the medium into the pump cavity, the medium is pumped by the impeller flow. In this way, the long liquid or solid material in the liquid medium is pumped out. The cutting blade, the larger bulk solid material can be cut, so as not to block.

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