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Sewage pump safety precautions

 Sewage pump

1. Sewage pump work, pay attention to the situation of water level drop, sewage pump shall not work outside the water. 

 2. When used to find sewage pump stopped, less water, noise and heat protector frequent take-off and other phenomena, should stop the pump in time. 
 3. Check whether the power supply voltage is too low or the power cable broken or missing phase. 
 4. Check the impeller without jamming or wear, water blockage, lift room is too high or too low, the screen whether congestion. If there is fault, find out the corresponding solution. 
 5. In case of stator winding burn fault, to send maintenance unit repair, re assembly, sealing parts for air pressure check. 
 6. If it is found that the cable damaged immediate replacement can be used, such as sewage pump for pumping viscous slurry, should be placed in the water to run electricity for several minutes, wash pump slurry, and then wiped antirust oil, stored in a dry place of gout.

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