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Three directions of water pump industry in China


1. The direction of the machine, electric, instrument integration

Metering pump commodity whether small household pumps, built with pump and general pump, is still large petrochemical, electric power and other industrial equipment process pump, in to the mechanical, electrical, instrument integration direction continues to carry out, high efficiency, energy saving, the use of protection have become more and more convenient, improve reliability and extend life of the pump goods more, bring greater benefits to the user.

2. Towards the direction of large-scale and high-speed development

With the power station, petrochemical equipment pump and water conservancy project towards large-scale, large-scale direction, the pump as a corollary of the goods must be towards the direction of large-scale and high speed.

3. To carry out the direction of many types and uses

In order to satisfy the need of different working conditions and the use of the utility, the pump must be bound to expand the type of standard, expand the scale of performance in the direction of development.

At present, the domestic pump products in the standard, type and usefulness of the broader aspects of the need for further progress. For example, on the high pressure and small flow with pump, mixed acid pump and corrosive chemical slurry pump, etc., but also need to continue to develop new types.

As long as the continuous satisfaction of the needs of customers, the progress of their own technical level of ability in the economic tide of the Bank of China into and carry out.

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