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The development direction of electric submersible pump


In recent years, the emergence of stainless steel submersible pump, the use of the process of water pump some of the problems occurred in a timely manner to solve the problem. Compared with the traditional iron pumps, stainless steel pumps with special advantages, are widely concerned.


First, in terms of technical materials, water supply equipment and food industry use stainless steel submersible pump, and iron pump compared, more safety and health and can mild acid and alkali resistant, non perishable.

Secondly, in the use of life, iron pump is easy to rust, rust accumulation, resulting in card, product use rate decreased significantly, the stainless steel water pump to give its corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, can improve the rate of use of the product.

Again, in the cost of materials, stainless steel submersible pump prices slightly higher than iron submersible pump, but the higher price of the product as a whole, the performance is more stable than the iron pump, more durable, more durable. On the other hand, due to the brown metal prices continued to rise, the overall price of iron pump has and stainless steel water pump is almost the same.

In addition, from the perspective of development, stainless steel submersible pump is 100% recycled green materials, the use of safe, less pollution.

In summary, stainless steel industry driven by the stainless steel submersible pump, has a good market development prospects. With relevant sources, China's stainless steel pump market in the past ten years, up to 20-30 million. Stainless steel pumps with corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, water saving, safety and health, light weight, less maintenance, long life, low life cycle costs, can be recycled and a series of advantages, won the love of the market.

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