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Market development prospect of water pump industry


During 11th Five-Year, China's water resources planning and investment scale of 462 billion 800 million yuan, of which, the investment proportion of key water conservancy projects more than 50%. Moreover, since 2004, the pump industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of about 20%.

In the casting industry in the development process, the valve casting enterprise should solve the energy-saving electricity, labor shortages and national policy questions, also pay more attention to the development and changes in the industry, and make appropriate adjustments according to the operation of the enterprise itself, so that in the future the development of better and faster.

With the continuous advancement of technology, pumps will to intelligence of development direction, can be used to monitor the parameters of pressure, flow, temperature and vibration; to on pump shaft, bearings and seal condition assessment; can cause the fault diagnosis. Magnetic pump, diaphragm pump industry technology development will be reflected in the design of electronic control system, improve the driving device and the search for new materials and so on.


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