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China's diving pump market is facing re shuffle


1. The state of the traditional state-owned enterprises. Taking a panoramic view of the submersible pump market, traditional diving pump products, the production decline is very serious. In recent years, however, the formation of submersible axial flow pump of high-tech pumps and special pumps. Product positioning and market positioning are in a mess, an embarrassing situation.

2. Private enterprises are increasingly becoming the backbone of the market. Some private enterprises in the production and operation have the advantage of scale, sales network covering the whole country, and gradually to the group or has been a group of successful restructuring, showing a strong momentum of development. In today's diving pump possessions on the market, the number of private enterprises has been far greater than the number of state owned enterprises, private enterprises, the output value is far greater than the output value of state-owned enterprises. C

3. Foreign enterprises to follow up quickly. With the development of economic globalization, many multinational enterprises are rapidly occupying the market of China. The advantages of foreign investment, joint ventures, is abundant funds, advanced technology and mechanism of flexible; deficiency is currently occupy only part of a sophisticated market, network marketing has yet to be perfect, the entire market has not yet formed strong competitiveness.

4. Many small and medium enterprises in the industry outlook. Due to the submersible pump industry threshold is not high, derived from distribution throughout the country, thousands of small and medium enterprises, the survival of these small businesses are attached to a larger enterprises, they are generally not technology development, no sales network, no after-sales service "three noes" of enterprises, under the pressure of survival and profit driven, often on quality and service flawless more care, with a cost and submersible axial flow pump price advantage, chaos, disrupted the market order for submersible pump.

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