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Opportunities and challenges of the submersible pump industry in China


China pump industry, although in the support of policy and rigid demand, export trade support, pump industry technology development trend of more and more and world diving axial flow pump pump technology development trend is consistent. But to deny, industry density is too high, disorderly competition, lack of personnel issues such as filled with most of the diving pump manufacturers. China's mechanical foundation, supporting mechanical and electrical awareness of the late, and a long time the lack of investment, resulting in poor foundation of the entire industry, weak foundation, weak strength. Especially with the improvement of the level of the host machine, the machine is lagging behind the host of the phenomenon has become increasingly.

In recent years, although the technical transformation and the introduction of the country has given some support, when the current market demand and foreign similar markets, there are still a lot of gaps. For example: the product variety, low level, low technical content, quality is not stable, early failure rate, poor data reliability, led to the high end pump consumption of the source basically from foreign imports. With the increasingly fierce competition in product sales, the market's superior submersible pump shaft pump to warn us that the industry must be optimized, technology must be innovative, and strive to develop high-end pump products to adapt to China's domestic market.

As a professional diving pump manufacturers, adhere to the development strategy of high quality, high standard, science and technology is the first productivity, constantly optimize the product diving shaft flow pump quality and service management system, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to expand the size of the market and sales channel.

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