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The future development of the small submersible pump industry in China



1. Must help strong governance. The relevant departments should take to support the strong cure bad measures of backbone enterprises and future development of the enterprise should be to foster and support, and actively guide the development of these enterprises, transformation of the rectification of a number of small enterprises and small workshops should be, on the production of fake and shoddy products enterprises should be hit, the track of benign development of small type submersible pump industry trends.

2. Strengthen the exchange of technology and information. Relevant industry associations should be held regularly to conduct meetings and information exchanges, and guide the major backbone enterprises to carry out a reasonable division of labor, the production of products have focused on. Negotiations should be conducted in terms of price, to avoid vicious competition each other to keep the prices down, make enterprise formation of mutual cooperation, mutual exchanges, learn from each other's good atmosphere.

3. Expand sales channels. Actively developing the international market and participating in the international competition. Is lower pump prices the price of labor force in our country is low compared with other countries, as long as of submersible axial flow pump manufacturing process, reliability, surface roughness, packaging and other aspects to do some improvements, China's production of small submersible pumps products in the international market there will be strong competitiveness.

4. The development of new products. Improve the technical level and grade of the small submersible pump industry. Compared with foreign advanced enterprises, the production of submersible axial flow pump in China is a small submersible pump in service life, reliability, design, brand diversification, the use of convenience and safety, there is a gap. So we must actively improve the submersible pump, submersible sewage pump, submersible pump and other manufacturing processes and technology, stable product quality.

5. The implementation of brand strategy. Play a brand effect, improve the visibility of the enterprise. The whole industry should strive to create more brand products, play a brand effect, enhance the visibility and reputation of small submersible pump at home and abroad market.

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