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Assembly and disassembly of parts for multistage pumps

  Multi-stage pump part

Assembly of multi-stage pump parts :

 1.The sealing ring and the bearing shells in horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump seat respectively with the fastening screws. 
 2. The mouth ring installed in the middle and tighten screws fixed. 
 3. Guide vanes set on the guide vane and screw the rear guide vanes fixed on the back section. 
 4. The balance drum sleeve press into the back section, and screw the rear guide vanes fixed in the back section. . 
 5. Installed in the filling chamber. With the studs and packing gland fixed in the packing body, (25LG\32LG and 40LG pumps are needed in the packing room into the bottom of the water sealing ring). 
 6. The bearing is mounted on the shaft. And with a round nut and retainer ring fastening pad. Then, the bearing box with blankets on the bearing, attention into the amount of calcium grease in the bearing box and bearing. Then, paper pad and water retaining sleeve is sheathed on the shaft. C and embedded on the shaft balance drum with the key. 

 Multi-stage pump assembly :

 1. The shaft through the packing room. The bearing box with holes on the end face of the bearing cover. Then filled with blankets and bolts. The figure will be bearing box and the bearing cover is fixed on the support. 
 2. The motor seat installed in the support, and fixed with bolts. 
 3. The shaft, bearings and motor seat assembly components upside down. So that the motor seat in the lower axis of the bottom up. 
 4. The 0 sealing ring mounted on the support, and the balance drum installed on the shaft (25LG\32LG and 40LG does not mount O seal ring and balance drum). And then put on the back section. 
 5. In the last stage impeller shaft embedded with health. And in turn a loaded impeller and shaft sleeve B. 
 6. Will be equipped with 0 seals, the middle through the pump shaft arranged in the rear section, and then mounted on the guide vane installed. 7, 5, 6. The order has been repeated and will be installed first middle head guide    vane. 
 7. The impeller with shaft. Then cut into the impeller and the head sleeve are sheathed on the shaft B. 
 8. A key shaft sleeve with embedded and loaded on the sleeve. Then in two. A round nut. 
 9. Will form a sealing ring is embedded into the pump seat and put in four. Tighten the bolt. Then the pump seat is arranged on the upper head. Note the four tension bolts through four holes on the bearing. 
 10. Tighten four tensioning bolts with nuts. 
 11. The pump back again. The pump is fixed on the shaft by key, motor then fitted with motor coupling bolt is fixed on the motor base. 
 12. Installed backwater pipe parts and parts. The four plug and oil etc.. The removal of the pump is performed in the reverse step

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