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Good self-priming and non clogging sewage pump maintenance, can prolong the service life of the pump, but also ensures that the pump can come in handy when needed. So in the use of them, how to carry out maintenance of the pump?
High temperature media transport to the chemical pump structure, materials and auxiliary systems put forward higher requirements, the following talk about the different temperature changes in the requirements of the chemical pump cooling and the company a
The motor structure of water filling submersible pump is divided into two types: one is the structure of a group of water lubricated sliding bearing and water lubricated thrust sliding bearing rotor, another is the use of a grease lubricated rolling rotor
A high lift pump flow head a lot of people do not know what the requirements, but does not determine the flow head cannot determine the pump selection, so what is the measurement of high lift self-priming pump flow head?
If the centrifugal cryogenic pumps produce noise and vibration during operation, and accompanied by a reduction in flow, head and efficiency, sometimes even can not work, and maintenance, can often be found in the vicinity of the blade entrance side pitte
High lift self-priming pump head and the self-priming height has an important relationship, and a high degree of self suction, and impeller clearance before sealing, pump rpm, separation chamber liquid height and other factors. Then the high head self pri
Self-priming sewage pump will meet the self-priming capacity shortage situation in use, so when this happens, what measures to improve the ability of self suction pump?
1.The easiest way. Self-priming pump sewage pump is arranged in the water pipeline,
Vortex pump, also known as the vortex pump, it is a vane pump, the main impeller, pump body and pump cover composition, then the pump working principle is what?

The impeller of the vortex pump is a circular disc, and the blades on the circumference o
Small household pumps the biggest feature is the small size, because of this, the price is generally cheaper, as the household is extremely convenient. In addition, what are the characteristics of it? Next, the small series will give you a small household
In order to extend the submersible non clogging sewage pump life, it is very important to do the maintenance work, so in the daily, the non clogging sewage pump for maintenance of submersible? Here is a submersible non clogging sewage pump maintenance is
Horizontal water centrifugal pump is a kind of energy saving pump with convenient maintenance, wide range of user selection and reasonable layout of hydraulic performance. So what is the structure of the horizontal centrifugal pump, and then the structure
Corrosion submersible sewage pump has what kind of characteristics, what is the use of it? This is a small series to share with you the following contents. Although, corrosion submersible sewage pump in many industries have been well applied, but it does
Corrosion submersible sewage pump has what kind of characteristics, what is the use of it? This is a small series to share with you the following contents. Although, corrosion submersible sewage pump in many industries have been well applied, but it does
Input submersible mud pump, it is necessary to use the regular inspection and maintenance, so as to timely understanding of the submersible mud pump, submersible pump can not avoid cement suddenly work impact sand pumping, pumping effect of slag, mud pump
1.Horizontal multi-stage pump does not absorb water or water. The cause of this failure is mostly due to the end of valve stuck, part of the blockage of water, high water or water pipe leakage is too high. Should be checked one by one, taken at the end of
Stainless steel self suction sewage pump is based on the structure and performance of ZX type self suction centrifugal pump and QW type submersible sewage pump, and the advantages of similar foreign products, developed and become a collection of self suct
Vertical pipeline pump failure mechanical seal, how to replace it?

1.Ready to place the pump part of worktable (ground) and disassembly tool, do not leave around any indiscriminate use, so as not to damage the pump parts.
2.Confirmed before the moto
The correct installation of mechanical equipment is the normal operation of the basic, since the suction pump is the same, the installation of self priming pump should pay attention to what, and then we come to understand.

1.Pump from the power supply
Vertical multistage pump is a new type of pump used in industry in recent years. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, convenient installation and maintenance, stable operation, safety, reliability, etc.
ZHENGZHOU SHENLONG PUMP INDUSTRY CO ., LTD (short as APK) is going to participate in VIIF 2016, 25th Vietnam International Industrial Fair. Our booth numbers are 216 and 217. The fair is starting on 17 October, 2016 and ending on 20 October, 2016. The Tra
Vertical multistage pump is a new type of pump which is widely used in the market. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, significant energy saving effect, convenient maintenance and so on. The efficiency of
The impeller is the "heart" is the most important parts of slurry pump, the hydraulic performance of pump performance mainly depends on the impeller. The failure of live pump is mainly because the flow of serious wear and scrap, the impeller wear failur
Multi stage boiler feed water pump is an important equipment in the plant steam generation system. Large fertilizer plant after preheating desalted water sent to the deaerator tank after deoxidation deoxidation, hot water from the boiler feedwater pump in
At present, there are two kinds of water supply equipment, which are steam reciprocating pump and electric centrifugal pump.

Steam reciprocating pump
1.Start pump :
1).Before the start of the pump should be the first to open the water inlet valve, s
If there is a leakage of the centrifugal pump, and what should we do?
1.The installation of static test leakage: if the leakage is small, and more for the dynamic ring or static ring sealing ring there is a problem: when the leakage is large, it shows t
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