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Common fault treatment method for pump head of self priming pump

Self-priming pump

Partial failure of the pump head of the self priming pump :

1.The normal operation of the motor, but the water is less or no water. Should first check the pump seal this, check should unplug the power plug, hand to block the water outlet, the pump filled with water, hold in the mouth of the export tried to blow in the observation, the pump head is Water Leakage, Water Leakage point also is the seal damage. Common fault location has a suction pad, pad outlet, impeller cover pad, maintenance should be replaced. If there is no water phenomenon, mostly between the damaged impeller, suction chamber and retaining water within the chamber separated corrosion wear, pump head retaining septum removed, the impeller and the pump shell enlarge the gap, replace the impeller and the pump shell. Replacement: wheel should pay attention to the elimination of residual copper in vane pumps, so as to avoid further damage to the new impeller. 
2.Chassis charged. Most of water damage, water infiltration through the motor shaft, the motor insulation deterioration caused by the replacement of water, drying motor repair. It should be noted that, because of long-term water contact with water and open air work, very easy to damp and cause deterioration of insulation performance, in order to ensure personal safety, electric self priming pump should be reliable grounding. 

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