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Common fault treatment method for motor and pump head of self priming pump

Self-priming pump

1.After switching on the power without reaction. Most of the power supply plug, power leads and motor windings caused by short circuit. 

2.Difficult to start or can not be started, and with the "buzzing" sound. Maintenance when used by a small bamboo running direction to quickly toggle fan, if the motor to work quickly, that is the starting capacitor or the starting winding is damaged, should be replaced with the same capacity capacitor or repair the startup winding; if the motor card, multi motor and pump head mechanical faults, such as bearing damage, the death card etc.. 
3.The motor can run, but the speed is slow, and the casing is overheated, there is a burning smell. Most are caused by short circuit of motor winding, motor should be opened, depending on the damage by repair welding, jumper, isolation, rewind and other measures. 
4.The operation of large noise, large vibration. The majority is in line with the bearing bearing and the casing damage or improper, need to open the motor to check if the bearing is damaged, should be replaced; if the bearing running round, the pump shell with the surface of the flower processing; if the bearing running in the round, the motor shaft wear parts of the flower processing, wear serious, with repair the first turning method after welding. 


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