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Main features of mine multi-stage submersible pump

Mine multi-stage submersible pump


1. The shell material of the submersible pump, the way of introducing the cable, the electrical gap in the junction box, the distance between the electric clearance and the distance of the electric cable and the combination of the explosion of the screw thread are designed according to the regulations. 

2. Multistage pumps and motors are tightly combined into one common diving operation unit, has the characteristics of high head and large power, the lift can reach 100 ~ 1000m; and according to the change of the lift device, adjusting impeller and guide vane pump parts number, good interchangeability. 
3. Electric pump in the form of protection for the "IPx8", F grade insulation, allowing the motor temperature rise higher. 
4. Built-in motor can ensure that the electric pump even in the case of close to the row of dry suction tank in the long run, do not have to worry about the motor burned, can be achieved without management. 
5. Set high hardness guide bearing, control the radial swing of the rotor, to avoid the seal ring wear and pump efficiency decreased. 
6. Side inlet, water inlet can prevent large particles into the pump. 
7. The guide vane and volute chamber are symmetric multi outlet flow, can balance the radial force of pump off design conditions; the upper volute chamber is provided with a plurality of pressure relief hole, the upper part of the impeller pressure is reduced to the ambient pressure, the pressure due to the axial force distribution of pump in different accumulated almost perfectly balanced. 
8.Impeller back pressure is very high. Setting back blade, hand to prevent large particles of impurities of sewage directly into the sealing ring, a lower sealing ring at both ends of the pressure difference, reduce leakage. 
9.The lower part of the use of double row angular contact bearings, radial and axial force to withstand the multi stage submersible pump at work; the upper part of deep groove bearings with dustproof cover. Large load margin to ensure the smooth running of the unit and long life. 
10. With flame retardant cable cable used in coal mine, the protection of spring installed in the end of the cable, a cable protection of large bending deformation, on the other hand can prevent the underground personnel directly pulling cable, the cable deformation makes the wiring cavity inlet. 
11. Motor shaft seal adopts two independent tandem mechanical seal, which can prevent the water into the oil chamber and prevent oil into the motor cavity. 
12. Impeller, guide vane and volute are not lower than the manufacturing material of ductile cast iron QT600-3, good abrasion resistance. 

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