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The cutting technology of the pipeline pump improves the efficiency of the pump

Pipeline pump

The pump is a centrifugal pump, it refers to the impeller shaft driven by the high-speed rotation, the liquid between the blades must rotate with, under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid was thrown from the impeller center and outer edge of the energy leaving the impeller at high speed into the outer pump shell shaped cochlea. In the spiral case, the liquid is slow down due to the gradual expansion of the flow channel, and the partial kinetic energy is changed into the static pressure energy, and finally, a high pressure is discharged into the discharge pipe to be sent to the required place. The liquid from the impeller center to the outer edge of the impeller center, the formation of a certain vacuum, due to the pressure tank above the liquid level is greater than the pressure pump at the entrance, the liquid will be pressed into the impeller in a row. As long as the impeller rotation, the liquid will continue to be inhaled and discharged. Simply through the impeller fluid flows through the impeller by centrifugal force to increase the mechanical energy of fluid, transmission fluid is used to overcome along the way of mechanical energy loss, energy saving measures for general inverter and impeller cutting. But the frequency control has the limitation, the investment is big, the maintenance cost is high, and when the pipeline pump speed change is too large, it will cause the operating efficiency to drop. 

Due to the actual needs of the rated parameters and pump parameters have certain discrepancy, choice of parameter in a model of the pump, small pump models, the parameter is too small, so in contrast, pipeline pump impeller cutting method is simple and convenient to implement, and the cost is small, quick, only need to cut the implementation of the transformation calculation the pump impeller cutting amount, after calculation and evaluation of economic rationality can be put into implementation after. 
After using the cutting technique, the use efficiency of the pipeline pump is improved, and the waste of the resource of the pipeline pump can be solved effectively! 

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