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Preparation before start of axial flow pump and mixed flow pump

Anxial  flow pump

1.Hand slowly rotating coupling or pulley, observe the pump rotation is flexible and stable, the pump has no debris, whether the collision occurred; bearing are all normal noise or uneven elastic phenomenon; elastic fillers are suitable; belt is moderate. If there is abnormal phenomenon, should be adjusted in a timely manner. 

2.Check the anchor screw pump and engine parts and connecting bolts loose or fall off, if any should be tightened or fill. 
3.Check the connection of the electric motor to lead the wire to ensure the correct rotation direction of the pump. Normal operation, you can turn on the boot, if you turn to the contrary, should be stopped in time, and any change in the position of the introduction of two motors. For newly installed pumps, it is essential to check the steering during the first start. 
For diesel engine drag pump, can be directly judged according to the relative position between the engine and the pump and the rotation of the steering engine, because the power output from the end of fixed counterclockwise. If you turn right, you must change the drive mode or the installation position of the diesel engine. 
4.Check bearing lubrication, lubricating oil is sufficient and clean, the amount of oil is in line with the requirements. The amount of grease added to the bearing chamber volume of 2/3 is appropriate, the lubricating oil should be in the range of the oil standard. 
5.Check the safety protection work, before starting the machine tools and other items should be removed, so as not to be shaken off after the boot or cause unnecessary losses. 
6.Mixed flow pump before starting, first close the gate valve on the outlet pipe; axial flow pump before starting to inject water lubricated rubber bearings, water pump to normal water. 

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