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Application of submersible pump

 Submersible pumps are important equipment for water extraction in deep wells. When in use, the entire unit works submerged in the water and extracts groundwater to the surface. It is used for domestic water, mine rescue, industrial cooling, farmland irrigation, seawater lifting, ship loading, and can also be used for fountain landscape.

The hot water submersible pump is used for hot spring bathing. It can also be used to extract groundwater from deep wells. It can also be used for water extraction projects such as rivers, reservoirs and canals. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and water for humans and livestock in high mountainous areas. It can also be used for central air-conditioning cooling, heat pump units, cold pump units, cities, factories, railways, mines, and construction site drainage. The general flow can reach 5 ~ 650m³ / h, and the head can reach 10-550 meters.
(I) Environmental requirements
1. Have a safe and reliable power supply.
2. The drop between the water outlet and the water surface of the pool should be less than the head.
3. Choose a relatively clean water source.
(Two) start
1. Submersible pumps below 11 kW are allowed to start directly. Submersible pumps above 13 kW should be equipped with a reduced pressure starter cabinet. To protect the safe operation of the submersible pump.
2. In order to prevent the rotor of the submersible pump from moving up instantly and reduce the starting load. When the submersible pump is started, the outlet valve stroke should be closed to 3/4. (Leave 1/4 air gap. To deflate) Open slowly after starting water. Control to the pump operating point at an appropriate position.
3. After starting and running. Monitoring and monitoring of water level changes should be strengthened. Ensure that the submersible pump operates within the operating conditions. After the submersible pump runs smoothly, it can be put into operation.
4, 5 hours after the first operation of the submersible pump. Quickly measure thermal insulation resistance during shutdown. Its value is not less than 0.5MΩ. To continue to use.
(Three) operation
1. The submersible pump should work at the design conditions. The axial force is now moderate. The highest pump efficiency. Most economical and reliable.
2. The submersible pump should be inspected every 8 hours. Is there any change in each instrument? Whether the circuit node is hot. Whether the sound is normal. Whether the normal working current is greater than the rating of the motor nameplate.
Note that if one of the following conditions occurs, the pump should be stopped immediately.
1) The working current of the pump is suddenly higher than the rated current of the motor.
2) The water output is abnormal and the water is intermittent. Increased sand content.
3) The insulation resistance of the motor is lower than 0.5 megohm.
4) The unit has obvious noise and vibration.
5) Insufficient grid voltage. 5% below the rated voltage.
6) The fuse has burned out one phase.
7) The water pipeline is damaged.
(Four) stop the pump
Before the submersible pump stops. To prevent water from flowing back. Close the valve at the same time as cutting off the power. Restart at intervals of more than 20 minutes.
(5) Use and install leakage protector.
2. The water outlet pipe should not be bent as much as possible, and the rupture of the water delivery pipe should be found and repaired in time to reduce power loss.
3. Add a filter when pumping water from a lot of debris.
4. Correct the positive and negative poles of the power supply before starting to prevent the water pump from reversing and not producing water.
5. When an abnormal situation is found during use, cut off the power supply in time, and then continue to work after the situation is recovered.

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