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How to prolong the service life of the deep well water pump

 How to prolong the service life of the deep well water pump



We know that no matter what products, if you normally do not have to maintain it, it is very easy to issue, the following will teach you how to maintain good long shaft deep well pump, so as to extend its service life:
1. Check the long shaft deep well pump pipe and the combination of the phenomenon of loose. Rotation of the long axis deep well pump by hand, look at the long axis deep well pump is flexible.
2. To the bearing body join the bearing lubricating oil, to observe the oil level should be in the standard oil of the center line, the lubricating oil should be replaced or supplemented.
3. Water diversion plug long axis deep well pump body 3 unscrew, filling water (or lead paste).
4. Close the outlet pipe of the valve and the outlet pressure gauge and imported vacuum gauge.
5. Move the motor, it turned to the right point machine.
6. Axis deep well pump long-term disabled, need to pump all apart, dry water, the combination of rotating parts and apply grease to pack.
7. As far as possible to control the major axis of the pump flow and head in the sign on the range, in order to ensure the long axis of the pump at the highest efficiency point of operation, in order to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.

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