8 inch deep well pumps

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8 inch deep well pumps

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8 inch deep well pumps

Flow:10~100 m³/h or customized
Lift:10~405m or customized
Power:5.5kw-45kwor customzied
Qualitycertificate:One year warranty and lifelong maintenance
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 8-inch deep well submersible pump, the 200QJ series submersible pump, is used in deep wells with a bore diameter of not less than 200mm. 8-inch deep well submersible pump is a vertical multi-stage submersible pump, usually a slender cylindrical submersible pump. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, water supply in remote mountainous areas and high-altitude water intake. The pumping capacity per hour can reach 10-100. cubic meter.


8 inch deep well submersible pump price:

1. Different models: 8-inch submersible well pumps have different specifications of submersible pumps, and different models and models use different motors. Besides, according to the user's needs, the head of the pump required is related to the number of impeller stages of the pump: the more the number of impellers, the higher the lift.

 Model  Motor Power Flow Range   Head  Cable
 QJ Series  kw  hp  m3/h  m  mm2
 200QJ25-126/9  15  20  25  126  3*6
 200QJ32-104/8  18.5  25  32  104  3*10
 200QJ32-117/9  18.5  25  32  117   3*10
 200QJ32-156/12  22  30  32  156   3*10
 200QJ100-45/3  22  30  100  45   3*10
 200QJ100-60/4  30  41  100  64   3*16
 200QJ80-88/8  30  41  80  88   3*16
 200QJ80-77/7  30  41  80  77   3*10
200QJ100-75/5  37  50  100  75   3*16
 200QJ80-99/9  37  50  80  99   3*16
 200QJ63-126/9  37  50  63  126   3*16
 200QJ32-273/21  45  61  40  273   3*25
 200QJ40-234/18  45  61  40  234   3*25
 200QJ80-121/11  45  61  80  121   3*25
 200QJ100-90/6  45  61  100  90   3*16
200QJ100-105/7  45  61  100  105   3*25


 2. Different materials: generally use non-corrosive medium water to use cast iron submersible pump. Cast iron submersible pumps are cheaper than cast stainless steel submersible pumps. In the case of corrosive media with moderate or moderate corrosivity, we recommend the use of cast 304 stainless steel submersible pumps, 316 stainless steel submersible pumps or 316L stainless steel submersible pumps, for example in applications such as seawater, saltwater or aquaculture.


8 inch deep well submersible pump manufacturer:

 8 inch well submersible pump / high lift submersible pump, Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Factory produces all kinds of submersible pumps: 8 inch deep well submersible pumps, 10 inch deep well submersible pump, 12 inch deep well submersible pump. Since its inception in 1986, accumulated 23 years of experience in pumping. If you would like to consult an 8-inch well submersible pump, please contact us below and we think you have chosen the best submersible pump model. If you don't know how to choose, please let us know the situation and we will provide you with the best solution.


 8 inch deep well submersible pump packaging and delivery:

 Packaging details

 PP bubble bag package, export standard rubber sheet packaging

 Delivery time  Shipped within 3-5 days after payment
 Shipping port  Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao or as your require

8 inch deep well pumps model parameter

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Model Flow Lift Power Diameter

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