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Operation and cooling of submersible pump motor in sewage treatment plant

Sewage pump

 Low water level protection for submersible pump operation 

 Submersible pump design is running under the water, the heat of the motor through the immersion in the water heat, so the submersible pump running, the motor must have at least 1/3 immersed in water, which is the lowest level of the submersible pump running. The motor in the lowest level run will be due to overheat and burn. In the control circuit of the submersible pump, the liquid level controller is used to send the signal when the lowest water level is the lowest, and the motor is forced to stop the pump to protect the motor. 
 Commonly used liquid level controller in sewage treatment plant are: ultrasonic liquid level meter, floating ball liquid level controller. 
 Ultrasonic level meter is composed of ultrasonic probe pulses of high-frequency sound, meet the measured liquid level (material) surface is reflected back by the echo receiving probe into electrical signals. The utility model has the advantages of high sensitivity, long service life and long measuring distance; the upper and lower limit of the upper and lower limit of the liquid level can be realized; the level of the liquid level and the alarm can be realized; the analog output is brought with the communication interface, and is convenient for long-distance transmission. Ultrasonic liquid level meter used in sewage treatment plant is used to detect the water level of pumping station, grid, water distribution well and disinfection tank. 
 The float ball level controller is a switch output, which is composed of a floating ball, a connecting rod and an electric contact point, and has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, low price and practicality, and easy maintenance. It is suitable for the control of the liquid level of the open or pressure vessel in the industrial production process. When the liquid level is in the limit of high or low, the switching action sends out the alarm signal or the control pump and the valve opening and closing. The floating ball level controller of the sewage treatment plant is used for the low water level of the submersible pump. 
 Motor integrated protector for submersible pump 
 Submersible pump motor integrated protector is a large and medium-sized submersible electric pump safe operation of the monitoring instrument, complete protection function, and the use of submersible pump. When the electric pump leakage Water Leakage (junction box, motor room, buffer room) or overheating (winding, bearing), the controller sends an alarm signal and by internal fault relay and fault stop pump working state signal output corresponding.
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