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The problem of slurry pump wear is mainly manifested in the:
1.The impact of work efficiency. Due to the gap between the impeller and the pump body mutually wear, the pump volume efficiency decreases gradually with the increase of flow surface wear and
Generally speaking, a special pump is a special kind of pump which is used to transport the liquid medium, the use of the requirements and the use of occasions and so on. Such as the transportation of impurities, suspension, volatile, high viscosity, stro
Cause of damage analysis:
1. Sand abrasive wear and abrasion
2. Liquid flow erosion damage
3. Cavitation damage
Viscous fluid flow through the leaves will have conducted, the profile loss, loss of two, enveloping the secondary flow loss and radial clearance loss.
1. Leaf type loss;
2. Torus loss;
3.Two flow loss;
4. Radial clearance loss
Axial flow pumps can be divided into two types according to the installation method, which can be divided into common seat type and block type. The motor and the transmission device are directly arranged on the pump structure, and the whole pump is shared
Pump effective power can be through the flow and head, transmission medium density to calculate, and to calculate the axial power to know the efficiency, then how to calculate the pump efficiency?
In order to better understand and understand the pipeline pump, it is necessary to introduce the various parts of the pipeline pump.
1. The motor: the electrical energy into mechanical energy of the main components.
2. Pump seat: is the main body o
Mud pump is the key equipment of drilling fluid circulation system, which is generally used to transport the drilling fluid under high pressure to the bottom of the well, so as to cool the drill bit and carry cuttings. Because of drilling hole depth, cutt
Parts and transmission of the media contact, will be a certain corrosion or other effects, it is necessary to select the appropriate materials and components according to the transport media.
The liquid pump is a special type of centrifugal pump, cast iron shell, the lower end of a spiral chamber (scroll), indoor pipette and mounted on the vertical shaft turbine wheel. The liquid pump is used for conveying the intermediate mixed acid, the conc
1.No liquid supply, inadequate supply of liquid or insufficient pressure :

1).There is no water injection or the appropriate exhaust
The elimination of measures: check the pump shell and the pipelines are all filled with liquid entrance.
1.The weight of the drilling pump is large, it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of the modern portable drilling rig, which restricts the movement of the drilling rig.
2. The stroke is short, the flushing time is high, and the drilling pump is n
Check valve, also known as one-way valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the
flow of media in the pipeline back. The bottom valve pump water check valve also
belongs to class.

Opening and closing pieces by medium flow and power to ope
For the self suction pump:
Should be placed in a better place to run, in order to facilitate the rapid heat dissipation, reduce motor temperature. Otherwise, a long time to run, very easy to burn the motor. Such as farmers in the use of a pump, the cover
Sewage pump to optimize the home environment plays a vital role in the use of the sewage lifting device at home, of course, hope that the use of time can be as long as possible. Now to introduce how to maintain the sewage pump.
As is known to all, when the centrifugal pump casing has the air, the density of the air is much smaller than that of the liquid, and the centrifugal force is produced. Thus, suction pressure at the entrance to the top of the tank liquid level and pump is
The change of electric submersible pump: the rotation of the pipe thread will be replaced by L-D, it can make the electrical submersible pump in the startup and normal running torque will not cause screw loosening. Of course, in the process of electric su
According to field investigation buckle falling accident that causes electric submersible pump system upside down three:
1.Electric submersible pump in the startup and normal operation, there is a big down torque. This is because the electric submersibl
The electric submersible pump (hereinafter referred to as ESP) is a kind of high efficiency, high yield, suitable for deep mechanical oil recovery equipment. According to the data, the average liquid production of electric submersible pump rod pump is mo
Slurry pump market with the adjustment of national policy in recent years, is widely used in the new industry, has entered a rapid development period, with the development of economy, the national sewage management, governance, subway, construction of a l
1. Matching power and pump (pump) rated power to match. General a number of pumps required supporting kW power, there are clear provisions in the pump nameplate. If you do not support, dynamic power is too large, it will cause a "big car Mara", a waste
Submersible sewage pump is mainly used for non corrosive particles, fibers, dirt containing conveying liquid, widely used in many fields of national economy, such as farmland, garden drainage and irrigation; rural biogas digesters, septic tanks, sewage an
Submersible sewage pump is mainly used for non corrosive particles, fibers, dirt containing conveying liquid, widely used in many fields of national economy, such as farmland, garden drainage and irrigation; rural biogas digesters, septic tanks, sewage an
During the use of the sewage pump to discover the problem of leakage, which should be the right way to solve the problem, is the focus should be done at present. From the current situation of sewage pump leakage were observed from the need to buy time, if
Many areas will use self-priming pump for workshop or oily water stains in the processing, general heavy pollution areas one month will be used once, if not very serious in general about three months once. At this point how to store the pump for storage o
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